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I'm Not Dead

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I haven't been able to do much on the game lately. The extent of my progress has been work on the effects manager, particle emitters, and a little addition I like to call "Bouncy Text".

Bouncy Text
Bouncy Text is my generic name for any text object that moves around the screen, such as a damage modifier bouncing next to a ships attack rating, or a ships status flashing above it's sprite. I added this little feature so that I could monitor stat changes in a easy to see, and visually appealing way, it makes the task of testing battle algorithms alot easier. Take for example the 2 screens below. In the first screen, the bottom ship has been attacked, and has taken 567 damage. In the second screen, the ship has taken 500 damage, and has exploded into a fiery ball of flame (which looks a lot cooler in motion). I haven't added multiple debris layers yet, but when I do, chunks of debris will also go flying after a ship is destroyed.

Pretty eh? No? ....Moving On..... Mark the Artist wrote up an artist journal today, and i guess I'll post it too, so here it is, the artist journal update:

[artist bullsh*t]
Whooo! Artist Update! As some of you may or may not know, every once in a while I, the very 1337 Mark the Artist, write up a bunch of random things to fill in the intellectual chasms found within Sir Sapo's journal. This time I'm going to discuss the more contenty stuff of the game, like why the ships I draw are set to blow the bejesus out of each other, and random game mechanics stuff. I'll start off with the general geo-political set up of the universe, with accompanying image:

You are the blue guys, or rather a blue guy. Your side is the Albionic Empire, a beacon of Justice and Peace in the universe which just happens to have a hankerin' for kicking ass and oppressing other people. Your main enemy is the red guys, the Archangelesk Dominion, a paragon of evil by virtue of having some star systems you need. Also in the fray (with possibilities for multiple campaigns) are the two smaller aligned states, whose names I can't recall because Sir Sapo has my sheet, who are fighting over the obviously labeled "Disputed Area," which I want to name the Ardennes Cluster. The fifth faction is the grey guys, The Harlow Confederacy, who I want to serve as a wild-card type civilization who you will fight 'trade disputes' with early in the single player, because they possess inferior technology, comparatively. Their will also be smaller independent planets that will serve as bridges between the empires.

The strategic portion of the game will have you invading planets and ordering ships, the units of currency are titled basically as Production Points, to invade more planets to produce more ships, continuing the cycle until the galaxy is yours. Different planets will have different capabilities (like big shipyards) and different Production P, although we haven't decided whether to have those numbers evolve over time or not.

Stellar-graphy: The way ships are going to travel is by jumping between stars, but only along designated pathways. Each star with only have a jump path between near stars, so the galaxy will look like a web from the top when you see it in the strategic overview. This allows us to create chokepoints in the universe, for example you can put a fortified star system in the way of your home planet, so the enemy can't just fly in from across the map, they have to fight their way through your defenses. Also, the purply things on the map are nebulae, which block the jump paths as well.

Sorry that was so long, hopefully Sir Sapo will reward you with the Badass Archangelesk Battleship I drew yesterday.
-Mark the Artist

[/artist bullsh*t]

Well, as promised, here's the Archangelesk Battleship mark mentioned, and also an improved Destroyer from earlier ago.

Well, thats the end of our magical image filled journey, see you guys later!
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I think I may have to kidnap Mark and force him to do slave artwork for me [smile].

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