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Work, work

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I've been plugging away at the changes requested by the VOIP company, it's been going well, even though it's not the most fun work there is. At least they pay well.

Communication with them is a little messed up though, I ask "do you need this X thing to change?", they tell me "no, that's fine", then I get an email from the main guy "we need X to change"... quite annoying, I had to refactor some of the work I had already done, something I would've taken into account from the beginning, had they gone ahead and said "yep, we need that"...

it's hard when your customer doesn't know what he wants... then again, that's pretty much how software development is... requirements are constantly changing, it's a good thing we like what we do, at least most of us... I think... hell, I do.
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