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low feedback

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I've pretty much decided that I really don't like the new layout for Sphere Games. I didn't receive as much feedback as I would've liked, so to me that says that it either sucks or it's merely OK, and I do not want to settle for OK. So I've decided that I will very likely stick to a more traditional layout, kind of how it is right now, but I'll make some much needed improvements to the interface, but most importantly the content.

I'm pretty much finished writing a tutorial on how the texture manager that I have on my site works. And I'm perhaps 30%-40% into writing a brand new tutorial, the demo for the new tutorial is pretty much done, it just needs some tidying up and perhaps better art, I hate using d3d's sample media for my own tutorials, so I'll see what I can do about that.

On the software development front, I keep wondering what it is that makes someone decide to buy the full version for trial software they've downloaded... EasyShots gets a fair amount of downloads a day from various websites, but it doesn't seem to close the deal nearly as much, even when it costs half of what other programs that do the same thing do... I wonder what it's missing.
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