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I have this stuff called "Turkey Ham" in my fridge at the moment. The local shop didn't have any regular ham for my sandwiches, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Upon trying it, and giving it some thought there is definitely something wrong. I don't like the taste, which led me to wonder what turkey ham really is. I mean, ham comes from pigs. Pigs aren't turkeys. What sort of animal do you get turkey ham from then? [wow]

I finally managed to get Microsoft Connect to give me access to the public DirectX beta newsgroups. Seems like there's a little bit more D3D10 related chatter in there, so hopefully I'll be able to get some feedback on my (many) questions. I strongly suggest anyone reading this that is seriously interested in D3D10 to at least apply for the beta.

Exam results are out in little over 3 hours time. Eeek. If I never post again, you can assume they were bad.
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Well it was Bernard Mathews Hurkey Tam, which unless I'm much mistaken comes from farms in Norfolk. Which would completely support the idea of that sort of wild party [sick]


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Perhaps it was just smoked turkey, which results in an appearance not dissimilar from ham?
I sitting here trying very hard to imagine how smoking a turkey turns it into a pig. Those images are so disturbing.


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