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The death of mouse drawn programmer art.

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I've ordered a graphics tablet so that I can finally draw all of my game sprites by hand. I've always wanted to have a hand-drawn style to my games, and finally I can achieve that.

All of my graphics up to now have been drawn with a mouse and MS Paint. I know what alot of you will say, why not use GIMP? Believe me, I tried, but when I tried to install it last time, my computer completely locked up. I've been too lazy to try again, but I probably will soon. That is unless ofcourse that the graphics tablet comes with some good software for editing images.

Anyways, once I'm able to draw graphics by hand, I think I'll enjoy it alot more, and do a better job of it. There is not many things that I despise more than trying to draw anything with a mouse.

I do realize that I will have to redraw all my current graphics once I get the tablet, but I'm willing to make that small sacrifice.

Ok, now on to something else. I have a few things that I want to get done one the game this week:

- Create the "Heat-seeking missle" weapon. Once I can wrap my brain around how to implement such a weapon, I will make sure to add this one to the game.

- Create "Laser Beam" weapon. This will just be a gun that can shoot through tiles and enemies, and will only stop when it reaches the end of it's range. So if there is a line of enemies if front of you, you can shoot this weapon through all of them, causing damage.

- Add Temporary Invincibility to the gameplay. This is something that I believe the game has been missing and that would greatly improve the gameplay. Temporary invincibilty is when you get hit to have a short delay before you can take damage again. During this delay, the player sprite will flicker. I should probably add a similar thing to the bosses too.

- Attempt to finish level 2.

Hopefully I can get all of this and more done.
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I know, I know. I've been using the crappiest of the crap. I'm actually going to go hunting for a new image editor tonight.

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Hand-drawn tablet, huh? I've never seen / used one of those, but I'm sure it'd be pretty cool.

I think the hardest part of a heat-seeking missile would be getting bitmap rotation to work, lol. That was always something I struggled with (and still do anytime I think about it). Takes so much time to compute...

I use the LView Pro image editor... I think it's like $30. I imagine there are some things other editors can do that it can't maybe, but I wouldn't know of them. It does everything I need it to do. ;)

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My plan for rotation is to simply draw the missle sprite at 8 different orientations. Given the way I plan to program it, this simply seems like an easy yet fitting solution.

As for the tablet, I'm sure hoping it comes with some good software[grin]

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