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Yoho [cool]

Some time ago since i did last update.
Still implementing the bots.
The pathfinding is done in a second thread. This should keep everything very smooth on HT or dual-core systems. I need to check this on single cpu later and hopefully changing priority will keep it smooth on single cpu systems or may be even changing nothing [smile]
Finding the path works very good for now but takes some time.
May be it needs some optimizations later.
Next will be smooth turning of bots and looking with upper body in your direction. Now they change with a hard direction- correction the angle to the direction they walk.
This should be done fast, so we will have some real fights soon.

Here are some shots from first map we did, called "Hacienda".
I personally like the other, first presented map more("Aquapark").
The map was mainly done for testing and finding best ways out how to design our maps and how to do lightmaps and set exits for portals etc. But may be you like it more [wink]

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