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Pains , Change, & Hellauvadeals

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Hum.. Well after many hours of fighting with my new laptop (A TOTotal of probably ten hours in the last two days) I'm finally able to access the internet, without having to plug it into my router directly. This wouldn't be such a big idea except it kind of goes against the entire idea of having baught this laptop in the first place(mobility). I unfortunately had to resort to using connection sharing from my development box for the time being, so that I can do software downloads and updates, until the new wireless card gets here. I already had a Belkin wireless usb adapter, but for one reason or another I couldn't get it to work with the laptop which is a Compaq Evo n610c. I searched for a solution for hours, but couldn't find one, so I grabbed a wireless card off of ebay for just under tweleve dollars. The whole ordeal has been enough to make me want to throw this laptop against the wall, but then I'd be out five hundered bucks, that I probably shouldn't have spent on this thing in the first place. I am hoping that it'll allow me to write and code more though, as well as allow me to get out of the basement everyonce and a while on nice days.

Well, I haven't worked on my engine for a while. To tell you the truth I've been obsessed with upgrading and purchasing shit, which is kind of rediculous, but it's something that I usually do about once or twice a year, and it does keep me interested in things too. I start school on Thursday, which will be fun. I had to take a placement test last week, and over all I did pretty well. I'm kind of pissed though because I scored pretty bad on my math, worse then I should have, so now I have to retake courses that I took in highschool. It's only a six week course though, so it isn't all bad, and the refresher will probably be nice.

It's sixty degrees in Iowa today, damn global warming strikes again. Everyone go out and burn as much fossil fuel as possible , as I want beach front property , but I don't want to move. Come on everybody, help me out and do your part, grab a pile of used diapers, dowse them in gasoline, throw on some styrafoam and aresole cans, strike a match, and stand back. I'm actually pissed there hasn't been much of a winter this year, I like the diversness of weather that usually is prevailent around here. Memories.

Well, I suppose I should get back to putting software on this thing and check on my school shit and make sure everythings cool.
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