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Day 14
* Woke up with some "I'm not yet rested" pain in my arms. It quickly went away.
* Went to the swimming pool again for the second time now. Did 40 laps, 1 kilometer, mainly breaststroke, but some crawl every 4th lap, so I did around 10 crawl laps, which are more demanding. Need to start training the left side of my upper torso, which has sufered because in my teen swimming days I gave too much attention to the right side and ended up over-developing it.
* Today marks the end of the second week of detox diet. I have absolutely no side effects or anything that even remotely resembles it, I have a perfectly normal and healthy life, and I'm happy I got so far, and hope to be able to take this all the way. The second week has brough no weight loss, which I more or less expected, so let's see if the swimming can help me get back on track. You can see an evolution on the bottom of this post.

Day 13:
* Went to the pool today for the first time since I started this diet. Got my car back from repair, it was a minor thing, but it was enough to ensure it wouldnt run. Did 30 laps, at 25 meters per lap, that's around 750 meters.

Weight on Day 14:

Current Weight:

Well, the graphs above show my weight loss in a bluish tone, the average weight loss on a pinkish tone. Vertically represented is the weight, and horizontaly is the number of days left till my birthday, September 10th, the goal being 80 kilos.
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I don't like beer, I've got a terrible sweetooth problem, and beer isnt sweet, so I never really touched it...

My problem is with sugar... that's my downfall...

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