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After a not so short time spent merely abusing the forums, I have tossed in some cash for a yearly subscription. God knows I've gotten more than that in advice, and will probably save more than that in book discounts.

Unemployment continues.

I dislike large consultancies. They are perhaps the antithesis of unions. Instead of unionizing against companies for higher pay and better benefits, companies go to consultancies, which give them the cheapest worker. Since the company doesn't actually hire the guy, they don't need to provide benefits, or treat them like a proper human since he's just going away after the 6 month contract.

Perhaps I'm too paranoid.

Hobby work sort of continues. Lack of sleep and generally being bummed out by unemployment make for poor motivators. I did though manage to doodle up the beginnings of a formal design doc for moe, based off of sunandshadow's one from a recent post in game design. Hopefully I will get the basics jotted down in word and then post them here or in game design for criticism and feedback.

Alas, I doubt too much will come of it; either flames about something petty or deafening silence.

Anyways, greetings! Thanks for coming by and reading. Here's to me actually remembering to post not too infrequently...
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Welcome to journal land! Hopefully things will look up for you, here is some + to help you out.

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Welcome, as they say, to journal land. Here be the cows of apathy, in the field next to the goat of mild confusion.

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