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Went to Intrusion last night, at The Cellar in Oxford. It's a sort of goth music night - EBM, Darkwave, Futurepop, Industry, etc. Had a completely awesome evening - I think by the end of it I'd had five shots of apple sour, two double vodkas, an aftershock and an amaretto, and danced for like two hours solid. My arms wrecked by the end of it...

I need to get some glowsticks, I think. I'm also really looking forward to the planned trip to Slimelight now, because it's going to be like that but three times the size, twice the length, and hopefully with more separation on the music such that I can stay on the floor with the stuff I like the most and avoid the more noise-based/metal stuff that got played last night.
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Apparently, I need to get to a place where there are decent clubs. <3 futurepop. Luckily, VNV nation should be giving a concert here in april...

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Sounds a lot cooler than the shows they have here. Just putting some EBM and darkwave on would massively improve things.

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