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My predictions as posted on January 25th:
Cryptography - 67%
Systems & Real-Time Programming - 70%
Principles of Programming Languages - 75%
Multimedia & Virtual Reality - 55%
Neural Computing - 70%

Overall score for the semester: 67%

The actual results:

Cryptography - 62% (5% lower)
Systems & Real-Time Programming - 61% (9% lower)
Principles of Programming Languages - 67% (8% lower)
Multimedia & Virtual Reality - 59% (4% higher)
Neural Computing - 73% (3% higher)

Overall score for the semester: 64% (3% lower)

So, seems that I was a little optimistic [headshake]

I'm a bit disappointed in the results, but I would be lying if I said I was surprised. I did the absolute bare minimum of work, and then a little less for good measure. During the period I should've been revising I made in excess of 500 forum posts. Yeah, I think I deserved crap results.

I have 3 modules and a dissertation left for my degree, which will make it fairly difficult to improve on my results. My graduate job is only guaranteed if I get a 2:1 (above 60%) - to satisfy that I need only average 45% from the remaining modules. That's easy. Alternatively, if I want a first-class (above 70%) I need to average 71% which is definitely do-able.

As you're probably aware, all good journals have pictures (but luckily that doesn't imply the picture has to be good as well [lol]) and that I'm also a statistics junkie. Fresh from my excel spreadsheet:

Nicely puts it into context - for the first 2 years (semester's 1-4) I was on a first class. The results today are 10% below my previous average [headshake]

Remember kids - add www.gamedev.net to your list of blocked sites next time you're revising for exams [lol]

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