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The new Blender version is fun

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I downloaded Blender 2.34 this morning to play with it. I got a much better Strong Bad render with toon shading, so I figured I'd post a product of boredom. Notice how I used the new gamma ramping functionality to fake the red outline around Strong Bad's head and gloves. I need to play with the new functionality some; shame they didn't fix the bug that screws up bitmap saving during animation renders. Ah well.

I should probably play with the Yafray rendering engine too. It doesn't seem to support toon shading though. I wonder if it can handle radiosity; Blender's radiosity support is horrible and one of my few complaints against it ...

Before anyone mentions it, yes the model has some serious flaws (mouth, shape of feet, mask artifacts, no eye texture, etc). It's an old model and I don't feel like fixing it up yet. [smile]
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Nice. :) But, why does the highlight on the head stay constant and not move a bit? It moves on the gloves and on the shoes, but not the mask?

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That's because the mask is, like ... cylindrically ... symmetrical. Or something. [wink] The highlight doesn't move on his body either, and shouldn't since the light itself doesn't move. I know it looks a bit funny. [totally]

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Dear Strong Bad,

Hi! I am a fan and I made a pictar of you! I hope you like it. You're in 3-D!


23yrold3yrold, Vector Sigma.

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"Whoa; I'm in 3D! Check out all of my dimensions!"

I actually wrote Strong Bad a letter once, to the effect of advising him to grow a goatee. [cool]

I may send them some fanart if I make that rendering of looking at a thing in a bag. I actually have a few of the cast modeled now ...

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