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WTF Its Mushu.

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Hi, my name is Mushu. And I am an alcoholic.

Its been a while, and I was looking at my paypal balance and was like "you know, I could buy some more GDNET+ and cause some more havoc; donate some monnies..."

So yeah. Hi. I promise this time around I'll at least try to have that little thing called "content". I'll probably write a series of entries on driver basics (or something equally stupid like that) since that's what I'm working on right now in my free time which technically only hypothetically exists because its existance has neither been proven nor disproven.

And as always, we need a -

  • Random Observation of the Day!
    A "bottleshop" is a shop that sells bottles. Of alcohol. Why not just call it an alcohol shop? Because they sell bottles.

    Yeah, doesn't make much sense to me either.

And no, I'm not drunk right now.
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I'm never quite sure. "Drunk" is such a loosely-defined term, after all [totally]

And omg its evelyn!! *wave wave*

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No, I actually am sober tonight. I decided to put alcohol off until tommorrow night.

Its great attending a university that has "Thirsty Thursday" parties. Though I'll probably just buy a bottle of wine and see how many times I can BSOD my system before finishing it.

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Last time I tried to use the money in my paypal balance for gd+, it wouldnt let me, it was expecting a credit card! Know a way around this?

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Yeah, they probably disallow eChecks. Use the "Add Funds" thingy on paypal.com to make a withdraw from your bank account. It should take about a week to go through - when you have a balance on your account you can buy stuff with it.

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Yay! It's Mushi! I was wondering what happenned to that game you were making with the rice fields? :)

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I uh, I don't know what you're talking about Pouya [wink]

If I ever get bored I'll reset it back to 1337. Gotta fix the script to do that though.

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