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Yay. Minor goal reached.

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Basic Design Doc complete! I posted it here to get feedback from random strangers. Being nearly hermitlike does have the remarkable downside of not having a few good friends to bounce ideas off of...
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I'd be happy to glance through it. I'm writing up a design document at the moment, so it'll be good to read through a few examples.

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I read a few sections of it, and it sounds very cool, I especially liked the "raising the dead" and that you can send your dying units to become undead, this essentially means all your units are also a type of resource that you must manage carefully.

Regarding the document itself, I found the [likey/none], [requirement/low] "tags" to be a little intrusive, personally I would have a small section at the end of each area, in which features are ranked, and risk is assesed. In the end that type of information usually ends up in a spreadsheet somewhere, so you want to have an itemized list of some sort ready by the time development starts, and reading through the design doc extracting this info will only hinder this process.

That's my $0.02, good luck! the game design sounds really good.

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I've put a reply in your forum thread, to give you an additional bounce for more random strangers to see your design [wink].

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