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Entry #2: Still not druink.

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To everyone's disbelief, I didn't get drunk last night. I'm going to do my best to compensate for that fact tonight - our flat has a nice little drinking session planned. Hooray.

I've also decided to postpone content for a little while, because I like to procrastinate. That and I'm sure no one really gives a damn about anything technical I'd have to say.

Which brings us to today's random observation of the day:

  • Random Observation of the Day!
    you knwo something is fucked up
    when your lnaguage wikipedia
    have less artigles than klingon wikipedia

As a corollary point, I hold the firm belief that all error prompts, no matter the error, should look like this -

I'm still working on the BSOD interface for my API-independant GUI library, but needless to say it'll be essentially the same thing, but without the happy smiley. Oh, and all the text will be replaced by a picture of a puking smilie.

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Pff, they should be O_o and ^_^, except the meaning of each will be randomly determined at error time.

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Washu, you're a bloody genius. Now I know why they pay you the big bucks.

It will be done ^_^

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On the last project I worked on (for a big company, and a big budget game), we had a similar error message, it looked like this:

An error has occurred
[ YES ] [ NO ]

Needless to say, pressing either option was very frightening... though it was funny.

To date, I don't think anyone cared enough to fix that... so it may still be in there.

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