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Level 2 strikes back

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I was going to work on the "homing missle", but I ended up spending more time designing level 2. I decided just to do the homing missle later, when I implement some of the other weapons.

For now, I want to focus my efforts on designing level 2. This includes getting a boss working. Today I actually thought up a useable idea for the second boss, and I'll probably get working on it today.

So far I have about 6 solid level ideas. Now it's a matter of making all of them, which is what I plan to spend my time working on now. I probably will have more levels, but I haven't come up with anymore as of yet.

On an unrelated topic, I've decided to get the "C++ Cookbook". Every thing it says in the description interest me, so I might as well get it.

Hopefully the Tablet will arrive soon[sad]
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