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Writing an article for

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Jason Z


Maybe someone out there can clue me in on the article submission process. I submitted an article 4 weeks ago tomorrow. Immediately after submitting it, I got an automated response saying that my entry was received and a link to a fogbugz entry for my article.

After two weeks, I sent an email to the indicated address inquiring about the article review status. The fogbugz entry said that my submission was 'open', but I have no idea what that actually meant. I still have not received a reply to that email.

Shortly after my email, the fogbugz entry said that my submission was was now 'closed'. I don't know what that means either, but I have been awaiting the 4 week mark since that is how long the original email said that it may take. I have still not heard anything.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to possibly get published on However, after many hours of preparing and researching and writing my article and finally sending in all the materials - I would expect at least a response to my inquiry. After all, I put in a lot of work and I want the community to benefit from it just as I have benefitted from other articles.

So if anyone knows what the heck is going on with this article submission process, please let me know what to look for or expect. Thanks for any advice on what to do next...
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That's interesting -- I'll let a member of the ERB know right away. Though, if you didn't get a rejection letter from SiCrane it's pretty likely that your article was accepted.

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I'm not sure what happened to it, but it's now in the review queue, and we'll try to get to it soon.

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