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GDC 2006

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Well, looks like I'm going to GDC this year after all. I didn't think I'd have money, but that seems to have changed. I won't have a Gigapass this year, but a Classic Pass is still just fine for me.

So much has changed since my last GDC - I feel like that was a different life.

I'm definitely looking forward to GDC this year. Unlike last year, I have no agenda, nothing I'm looking to achieve. I just want to go to interesting panels and lectures, meet people and shoot the sh*t. Oh and talk about purple splines again, of course.

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I've been thinking about hitting up GDC for a few years now, but I really only have money (and time) for one major convention a year, and E3 has been my drug of choice. The panels aren't nearly as technically rigorous, but there's still some great stuff there, and nice opportunities to kick around ideas with The Big Names. The show floor is more than worth it, too.

But I still sort of want someone to sell me on GDC, because it looks like it'd be so much more mentally stimulating... except I've got friends who enjoy E3, but would die of boredom at GDC, meaning I'd have to go alone. Hmm. Dilemmas.

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