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Opening Cans can Lead to Trouble

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I've been reading up a little on 3ds loaders and there is a lot of code on the web. This has opened up a can of worms since a lot of them have loaders for jpeg, gif, etc. It's kind of fun learning about the different file formats. This has also forced me to delve into the realm of fstream and figuring that out. The "C++ Primer" was a little lacking on the subject, but with a little practice I can write small files. This again has opened up another can of worms (which are delicious with corn syrup by the way), since now I want to learn more about XML. Does it ever end? No, apparently. This is fine by me, but I need to finish up this TicTacToe game.

Yesterday I messed around with Blender and trying to make a "Law & Order" spoofy startup sequence called "Naughts & Crosses" I recorded with my voice the cheesy opening, "In the TicTacToe system, the game is represented by three separate and equal parts, the board, which determines the state of the game, the X's and the O's. Use the numeric keypad." (boom) (boom) (Law and Order music)

Anyway, if you are reading this glSmurf, I got your PM and intend to respond. Sorry, just been so distracted as you can see.

Also seems like my old tutorials are gone from the journal. Gamedev, must have burped them up into the trash. ???

Visual translation of text above:
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I'm not a big fan of Law & Order, something about the actors always rubbed me the wrong way. That's a pretty funny idea for the opening of your game though. I can't wait to play it and see your uber models of Xs and Os.

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I don't think I will be able to make what I have in my head right now in time for the end of February deadline. I'm going to try and finish it though polish or no polish.

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