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Mmmmm Weapons

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I've just added 10 new guns into the game, I managed to crank these out at the rate of 2-3 per hour. Now it's just a matter of deciding what weapons to add into the game....and writing unique code for weapons that need it.

I'm a programmer by nature, but I've got to create all the item/city artwork for the game as well. My budget doesn't allow me to have these created by a 'professional artist', so I've got to roll up my sleeves and do them myself.

If anybody has suggestions about any other guns I should add into the game, let me know :-)

Alright, back to work...I'll hopefully have a video of the grenade launcher and these new weapons in action tommorow or the next day.

- Dan

//Collection of all the weapons I've got in the game right now

//Here are some larger images of the guns I made today.
//I think they're pretty good quality-wise, considering that the game is always played in the 3rd person perspective.
//They should never take up more screen space than these screenshots, in-game.

//Most of the guns are ~300 triangles with a 256x256 texture.

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Well done!!! Most programmers can only dream about modellings skills like you show :) Which program do you use to model if I may ask?

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Most programmers can only dream about modellings skills like you show
Yeah, I know that feeling. I'm having to play my hand at various forms of modelling - and I SUCK! Nothing like rubbish programmer-art sinking a project [sad]


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Looks great! I'm very impressed with how these weapons came out. As previous posters have already commented on, it is rare to be good at coding AND modeling. My problem is often finding the motivation to model, when I know there is so much fun coding to do.

As far as other weapons to consider, I would like to add that I've always enjoyed smoke grenades. I see the grenade there in your screenshot, so you may already have it. I'm not sure if it fits into the whole gang genre, but it might balance things out if snipers get too out of hand.

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Thanks for the good feedback guys :-)

I'll add:

- Molotov cocktails
- Sawed off shotgun
- Smoke grenade

roel - I used Milkshape 3D to create all of the models.

Sorry John, I don't think a banana or pointed stick have ever been used in gang warfare.

I wanted to add a flame thrower, but I don't think it would work very well with my weapon/entity rendering system. Eventually I want to have 100+ useable items/weapons in the game. I think that would be awesome [grin].

- Dan

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Chainsaw...mmm nice, I'll do that, Great idea.

Also...what about silenced weapons! C'mon Gamedev, you guys are letting me down [grin]

- Dan

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