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Vivid War News

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So yes, although I am still far away from a complete game, I have finished alot more of my game! :D

I am excited cuz now you can click on the enemy to auotfollow him! Click on the map to go to that spot, the backgrounds should load while you are playing the game, although it works as intended for when you are moving, it still has some issues. The preloading of the characters and projectiles has some bugs I am addressing. I have it to where you can drag/drop the stat windows, and I am fairly happy with that added customization ability :D For some reason its a little screwey in Opera, I am currently investigating that too...

Hmm...I'm hoping this journal gets some feed back, I want to make my game very fun and for people to enjoy it, so please tell me what kind of features you all would like to see :D
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