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Last 1.5 days i made a break from bots and inserted reflecting surfaces. Water looks now a lot better [cool]

Each room can have one reflecting plane. The room is then mirrored on that plane in a rendertarget and the not usable part is cut off with a clipping plane.
In the main render buffer a stencil value is set on the areas where the mirror-polygons are. Last step is to copy the rendertarget back to main buffer on places where stenicl value is set, with a reflection factor from 0% - 100%. This can be set in our modeler(Lightwave) in the reflection channel of the surfaces.
I made a quality switch for the rendertarget from 0-4, where 0 renders the mirror with full resolution and all lights and pixelshader effects, 1 full resolution without extra lighting, 2 half resolution, ...

Video shows both water pools from Aquapark with reflecting water and you can hear some MUSIC we plan to use in RageHard[smile]

Video : Water reflection(26MB)

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Your game looks amazing...I really like what you're doing here. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to play it.

- Dan

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Thx Dan but believe me i am looking forward to your Gang War too. It looks veeeery cool. Very good job. [smile]

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May be i will do later. It would be nice effect but i don't know if it would really be seen in the action of the game when it is one time a real game.
Highest priority is to finish bots and redo/replace netcode [smile]

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