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game feedback and burping monkeys

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Big thanks for the feedback on the new daily puzzle (see the purple animated thingy above for a link). I had three minor bugs that I ironed out this morning, and everything seems to be happy. Glad everybody's enjoying the game.

As for the puzzle size, it'll vary between 7x7 and 9x9. I figured that'll give things a bit more variety. I can solve a 7x7 puzzle in 3-4 minutes. Most folks seem to be doing as well, although a couple didn't get the zen of it, and it took 'em about 8 minutes to beat the game.

For those who want larger and more complicated puzzles, that'll happen in the commercial version. My goal is to put out 4-6 daily puzzles, then release standalone versions of all of 'em as a game-pack. The standalone versions will have varying sizes and more play options. I figure if ConFusebox goes up to 16x16, that'll be time-consuming enough for anyone :)

Maggie had the day off from school today, and Shelly had some work to do, so I took the kiddo out for lunch and to see the Curious George movie. It's a cute movie, and well suited to its audience (kids under 6), although the garish color scheme started to hurt my eyes after a while.

I did notice something interesting, though. There's a scene in the movie where Curious George (the monkey) drinks a latte. This scene also appears in the trailer, but in the trailer-version, George belches loudly after finishing it. In the movie, he just finishes the latte and smiles.

My guess is that the trailer had to give the impression that the movie contained gross-out humor so it could attract young boys. The movie itself didn't contain anything remotely offensive.

Also, it's 80 minutes long, which fits fairly well with the attention span of the average 3 year-old. Maggie quite enjoyed it, although about halfway through she decided that she didn't want to sit with dad and wanted to experience the rest of the film from the very front row.
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As a completely unrelated comment, I'm stumped on today's ChessCard puzzle -

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There are only so many times I can point out in the rules that you don't have to put the cards in numerical order.

The rules mention it twice. I also blogged about it once or twice.

But feel free to keep trying.

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Many many many hours of CowHead has made puny 4-sided pipes game simple for Ron.

CowHead. Mmmmm.

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