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COM Tutorial Still Coming, Unsure of Arrival

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Sorry for the slowness in this, and lack of notification last monday. I have not given up on the COM article, but going from creating a simple COM object to understanding the variations in COM, ATL/OLE Automation, the division between COM and DCOM, attempting to create something that works back all the way to win95 (w/o DCOM) etc etc. Basically I don't feel comfortable creating a tutorial on a subject I don't understand fully.

I've wrapped my head around most of Essential COM by Don Box, but it is a tad outdated and full source that is supposed to exist is quite awol. (No included CD, linked to a website, which of course 8 years later doesn't have the files)

There is also a general gap on things I've been reading and my own understanding about what divides OLE, COM, DCOM, and COM+. Let alone when ever I go looking for information about IDL I mostly end up w/ information about Cobra's IDL and not MIDL.

I'll be cramming again this weekend on it, and hopefully have some results soon. I apologize again. So far sucking pretty hard at this article voting system. :P
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