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Random musings

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Trapper Zoid


These days in the software stores around here they are devoting a large section of their space to empty game boxes promoting Xbox 360 games (the console hasn't been released in Australia yet). I was probably not going to be buying an Xbox 360 at launch, but I have been pondering about whether I should get one in the future. So I have had a look at some of the boxes, and while some of the games look interesting, there is one thought that really stuck in my head:

Most Xbox 360 games cost more than a hundred dollars.

I knew that games gradually get more expensive, but there's something about seeing a wall of prices with that extra digit added to them that makes me think more than twice about buying a game; psychologically, $119.95 just seems so much more expensive than $20 more than the standard $99.95. And I am pretty sure I am not alone in this; it will be interesting to see how the sales pan out.

What is really weird is the games that seem the most interesting to me are the ones that are under $100, whereas the more derivative ones, like the EA sports range, are the ones costing $120. I am honestly not sure how many copies of Madden they are expecting to sell to Australians for that price, given that gridiron is at best the fourth most popular football code here (worse if you consider rugby league and rugby union to be different codes [grin]).

As for Project Jack, I'm still working through some ideas for the gameworld. There is still a lot of work to be done before I can finalise exactly what the setting will be, but there's one idea that is presently standing out amongst the rest. I will post more later, but for now, here's an early piece of concept art to give you a hint (cue rolling thunder):

Although strangely, I'm still leaning against including any vampires in this game...
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I know. Spooky old castle, swarms of bats, but no vampire? That's innovation!

Of course, now I'll probably embarrass myself by including one in the game design once I get up to writing the bestiary.

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