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I Watch You Go

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Weeks simply shouldn't feel as long as this week has. It just should not be allowed by whatever governing force remains in charge of determining the relative length of a week for a certain individual. This is week that a majority of my classes decided to cram the rest of the out-of-class homework into due dates, so I had a nice, full schedule of things due every day of the week that kept me all sorts of busy. Next week, other than reading The Martian Chronicles (and writing a short paper on it), editing and improving upon last week's draft of Paradise, and a Spanish exam (easy) it's a very relaxing week; while I list a fairly decent amount of items, I am not being sarcastic in my statement that it's a very mild week. Though let me say how much of me just died in realizing that I wasn't being sarcastic... At this point the high point of my existence is going home on Thursday afternoon of this coming week and, oh, how sweet it shall be.

And now that this horrid week has neared it ends I have snagged some time to play some of the amazing games I've gotten my hands on recently. I'm only two missions away from beating the Dawn of War campaign (and then working through the expansion, and all I can say now is a continuation of what has been said many a publication before me: damn good game. On top of this, Devil May Cry 3 and Killer 7 came in earlier this week as well. DMC3 is far and wide my favorite of the two as it's pretty much the action-packed, "Dear God why hath thou forsaken me" kind of difficult game I'm always so quick to fall for... And had I played the original DMC3, and not the recently released special edition, earlier on (say, when it was released), it would've probably pushed Battlefield 2 off of the infamous top ten list without as much as a sweaty brow. And as for Killer 7... Well, I think the game is more geared to the anime-watching pothead bizarro gamer crowd than, say, me. Sure it's a fun game and, at times, it's truly a marvel to behold its own insanity with open arms (much like I would, if I was a game), but it just doesn't seem to know what it really wants to be.

Of course now that I have all these great games to play it is the universe's job to create some kind of hugely "equality" by releasing more awesomeness. Late this week we had Star Wars - Empire At War hit the shelves and I'm currently in the process of trying to track a copy down. I'm not a huge fan of the Star Wars universe, normally, but this game just looks all sorts of cool. I'm a huge sucker for real-time strategy melded with turn-based strategy (what better way to take over a galaxy than with a Risk-like component?) so I'm looking forward to this one. I'm also looking forward to checking out the new DS re-imagining of Age of Empires: Age of Kings which has gone the turn-based strategy route and is receiving, to a bit of surprise on my end, quite positive reviews. And don't even get me started on the fact that Galactic Civilizations 2 which is due for an unlocking, in a Steam-reminiscent fashion, on February 21 at the rumored time of 3:00pm EST. This game will be the first of this upcoming and recently released batch to receive a written "review" of some sorts by me, with Empire at War being a close second, and then the long-overdue Armada Online preview being the last of the trio to receive my written treatment. These will come, most likely, sometime after I get home.

And speaking of work that needs to be done: I'm going to be retooling (Retooling? Ha! I'll retool you! -- Ten points for whomever gets it) the site around a bit while on break as well. I have some very basic ideas of some minor tweaks I want to make to various aspects of the interface along with some fairly trivial aspects of the site navigation and configuration but, aside from that, there's not a huge laundry list of tasks to be done. If there's anything you feel a particular burning desire to have implemented, taken out of, or redone regarding Home, Sweet Home then you best tell me soon-like.

This entry is far shorter than I normally write and I do apologize for this, but when I took a look at the clock directly to my left I noticed that it was about 5:20am. I'm not particularly sure how it happened, but it did. This information helped me really pinpoint that creeping feeling I had that I wasn't really all there at the moment, so I think I'm going to cure that. As a means to work my way into your forgiving hearts, here are some pretty pictures of kitty:

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Aww kitty kitty

I wish there was a type of cat that stayed a kitten for its whole lifespan. That would be awesomeness.

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