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Boss 2!

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This is the second boss. He lacks the ability to shoot, and is small, but this doesn't mean he's easy. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth.

This boss came from my idea to make a boss that fights in close combat. This boss has two attacks:

1. Charges quickly in the direction he's facing until he hits a wall.

2. Jumps around the arena.

He does both of these things at random, which makes for an interesting boss fight that requires quick reaction time to beat.

You can expect a new demo tomorrow.
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Looks like stompy's in for a world of hurting. That boss looks tuff, that's right S.E.Hinton "tuff", and that's no easy feat. I am currious, will stompy ever duel weild, and will he ever gain the ability to fire in a diagonal? Do you think that stompy may aquire sometype of emp weapon, a grenade perhaps, seeing as he's fighting a legion of robot warriors? Where do these minions come from? My eyes are stuck to the screen awaiting these answers and more.

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DecipherOne: Dual Wielding might find it's way into the game in the near future. It certainly wouldn't be impossible, however, I would make ridiculous dual wields, like a rocket launcher in each hand[grin]

EMP grenades are a good idea too. I was going to add hand grenades as a weapon, so I suppose since their robots, the grenades might as well use EMP.

ApochPiQ: This is why I tend to like bosses in the mega man games. Those bosses feel like your in a duel, rather than fighting a super gargantuan boss.

That's not to say that the super gargantuan boss demographic won't be represented well in this game[smile]

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You need to make a gradiented sky with your 1337 GIMP skilz

Nice boss, red= evil is always the way to go

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