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Early Screen Shots

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Live Game Demo of Vivid War

The game requires no installers, only that javascript is enabled :D

Here are some early screenshots of my game :D
(Edit: removed because the images took too long to load)

The debug window has info that is probably only meaningful to me at the moment. Some of the debug labels are being used for things other than specified lol!

Features that seem to be working as intended are:

  • Menus display correct data

  • Click on an enemy to select it as target

  • Click on land to select it as target

  • Space bar to fire, w, a, s, d standard movement

  • Maps load while playing game so you do not have to wait for a load screen while travelling

Features that are not quite finished yet:

  • Moving windows is buggy in opera, but seem to work in rest of browsers tested

  • You cannot cancel automove by firing your weapon (intended so you can fire while chasing enemy), but you have to cancel moving (by pressing a movement key) before you can fire again (not intended)

  • Saving window position so windows stay the same on your next visit (Should I save using cookies or save on server?)

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