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Weapons pics

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Arrrgg...waiting for some files to transfer....figured I'd post some new pics of the guns I just added into the game:

I'll have another update soon, with more substance...

- Dan
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I sure can, and i can say it with Capital letters as well: "SEXY!"
This must be the most fun journal on - and i am sure that the game will be fun as well. Now, back to my minigolf-game... ;)

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BTW, i sent you a mail some time back(Maybe two weeks ago), wanting to sign up for Beta. Could you add me to the list? my mail is

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Those last three stylized pictures should be box art or something. Very cool effect. I also find the cop in the one screen hilarious. "You're only making things harder for yourself" while being unloaded on by a SMG. I'd be running for cover and yelling "Oh S***." Guess that's why I don't plan to be a police officer.

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That first screen is really sweet!

On a sidenote, Dan: viewing your homepage in Firefox, the left side nav bar drops to the bottom or middle of the page from the top. Works fine in IE tho.

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Yeaaaa I like the way those last images look...Right now they're set as the desktops on all my computers :-0 Gang War everywhere.

Gald you guys like the way the game's's already a lot of fun to play (to me at least). Hopefully I'll be able to pull this game off the way I see it in my head...we'll see :-)

Anlino - I'll certainly add you on the beta testing list, sorry for not responding to your e-mail...sometimes I get swamped with stuff to do, and e-mails are at the bottom of the list.

mcguile25 - Thanks for the heads up, I've noticed this before but I thought it was because of the Google Ads I had on my site for a few days. I have no idea what could be causing that to happen...if anybody who's more webpage savvy could shed some light on that I'd appreciate it :-)

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Very very very nice wallpapers!! :)

Maybe a bit dumb and off-topic question here, but well, it just popped up:
How do you attach weapons to the character? Is there a smart way to make that easier in 3ds max? I did it (using milkshape) in this way: I had a joint in the hand of the character and a joint in the weapon and bound those joints together in-game. But then there were still some undesired ways the hand-joint could rotate, so I had to add some other joints to the hand joint in order fully control the hand joint (and thus the weapon position) in all directions and ended up with a freaky hacked bone structure.

I didn't really like my way, and I guess that there is a smarter way. If the answer is too complicated I could maybe better ask this on the forums though... thanks :)

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I was asking myself: "What the hell is he doing, Why do he don't update this journal.?" But i know, looking to your guns, where you have been. Very good stuff! :D

EDIT: I also see a van in the first picture that want to take off ;)

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