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GP2x : The Blitter is fixed!

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I finally got around to emailing someone about my blitter problem earlier today/yesterday (I forget when) and he got back to me not 30mins ago with one suggestion that, as the IO Clock control was on a 16bit bus I should write to it via a short* instead of a long*.

One change of code and a recompile later and omfg, it works!

This'll teach me not to read the docs properly in future, which I need todo.

Currently its a mess which is copied, I need to fix my DDS reader so that it properly loads the 16bbp uncompressed DDS into ram then I can do some really testing with it all.

I did wonder if a DDS compressed => uncompressed routine on the 2nd CPU might be worth the effort, but then I realised that I'd either have to pre-uncompress the data as it was required by the blitter or go fully software on the drawing. So probably not worth the hastle given the textures will be small anyways.
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