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Well, I've dropped to 110.5 Kg. I was re-reading my original post "I'm going on a diet", and wow, there's a lot of people there that for some reason belived I wouldnt make it this far...

Some belived that my diet was too dificult, but it isn't, I really havent been hungry since I started, 18 days ago.

I feel lighter on my feet, more alert, and my body seems to be functioning better. For the past week I did notice a slight slow-down on the great effects that the diet brought, like more regular bowel movements, more alertedness, higher quality sleep, and I started feeling a bit "slower", bowel is still regular, just not everyday, alertedness is there, but I also feel stress more because of increased work pressure for the past week, and sleep, well, sleep will allways be a problem for me, I must have been a vampire on my former life...

Point is, I'm here still alive and kicking, and like that Robbie Williams song says, the worst you can do to your enemies is living well (I don't consider anyone here on gamedev an enemy, let's define enemy here as someone that had a diferent point of view than mine).

This week I started exercising again, and I must say that I'm better than the last time I swam, there is something about a vegan-centric diet that leaves your body with more energy than a diet where you have longer digestive periods (that means digesting meat, fish or anything that is elaboratly prepared, life frieds). Not having a heavy digestion leaves you more energized.

I still do get cravings, sometimes horrible ones, allways about sugar, but I've been able to get past them.

What I haven't been able to get past was my swim times this past friday, here they are:
* 400m (16 laps) in 12:55 (48 secs per lap)
* 1.000m (40 laps) in 33:30 (50 secs per lap)
* Finished at 1.400m (56 laps) in 51:00 (54 secs per lap)

Not bad for my 3rd trip to the pool after months of no exercise, uh?
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hey dude,

Good to see you are doing good!

It's funny.... me and you started our diet at the same time.. I actually started mine on a monday (1/30).

I havent lost a single pound!! and you have lost 8!! argh!!!

This is because though, I haven't been eating right. I started lifting every day on 1/30, and my "diet" just consisted of eating less of what I normally eat..... I have since learned that this is not the case...

So, on wednesday I started eating a strict, "clean" diet. That is a 40/40/20 split of carb/protein/fat intake, and eating at about 500 calories under my maintenence. This means whole wheat stuff, chicken, tuna, natural peanut butter w/ sugarfree jelly, etc..... oh, and I drink 2 or 3 whey protein shakes a day, too [grin]. I also eat 5-7 times a day.

The other thing on why I didn't lose weight is because of muscle... I have seen a BIG difference in the size of my arms sinse I started lifting.......

Anyway.... keep up the good work... I always check your journal... PS, you had asked about it in your original post, check this site out (www.fitday.com). It lets you log your eating and exercise.

PS - be carefull and make sure you are getting the right amount of calories. It sounds to me like you are losing too much weight too fast... You probably need to up your caloric intake... this is because 2 big reasons

1) Your losing a lot of muscle, you typically can only lose 1-2 lbs of fat per week

2) Even if you don't care about muscle, this is big... your metabolism is going to get used to your current low caloric intake..... this means you are going to plateau one day and stop losing weight..... at this point you are in trouble because now you have to lower your caloric intake even more.... if you take small steps, lowering your caloric intake will be much easier. you should probably start out eating (500 - your maintenence) calories... your maintenence is about 17* your bodyweight.

Just be carefull! You don't want to screw yourself down the road...

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