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Times they are a changing.

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Well, I started school on thursday. The first class, that is required for all online students, is an orientation class, and it's going good so far. I'm kind of surprised at the workload associated with the orientation class, but I suppose they really just want to get you used to working within the environment. It's structured so that you sign onto a secure server and the class discussions are handled through message boards. You simply complete your assignments, attach them to a class blog area, or send them to the instructor, and then discuss the course work. I think it'll work out well for me, but I know time managment is going to be a hudge issue.

Another big thing going on in my life right now has to do with my son. I'm having to deal with a bunch of legal stuff in regards to custody and this is beginning to be a bit trying on me. It's a very complicated situation, but effectively it comes down to I've tried to do nothing but do what's best for my son, and work with his mother, but she has a lot some emotional and mental problems and instead of seeing my suggestions , such as suggesting she hires a lawyer for when we go to court, she simply assumes I'm attacking her and just goes off the wall. In this instance, she's kind of uneducated and expects the situation to unfold like an episode of Judge Judy, and I've tried to explain to her that real court isn't like that, but she refuses to become educated on the subject or think about changing her opinion, which pretty much sums up her additude about life. She is very closed minded. Which quite frankly scares the shit out of me, for my sons sake. Anyways, we'll be going to court within the next few weeks, which will be a good thing, because I've only seen my son twice in last nine months, and infact he's in another state with her parents. Essentially, I've had no say so what so ever in his raising thus far, even though I've wanted to, but if I went against her belief structures, she would not allow me to see him, and I wish things weren't the way they are, but that's how things have unfolded. I have learned a lot of important lessons along the way though. Enough of this though, I just needed to vent on it a bit.

Things have been rather slow at work this last few weeks, which has been very nice. I've gotten to be a little lazy, and get some things done for phoenix. I was thinking of releasing the documentation and source as I go along, but I may not end up doing this as I'm not sure if I will possibly want to use the engine for commercial use later on. I may end up just releasing snippets, but I need to get a bit deeper into the project first. I'm currently working on getting the vector math correct for my entities, and while I could simply implement it I'm trying to make sure I understand it all. So, hopefully, I'll have that completed tonight.
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Sorry to hear about your problems with you wife. I haven't gone through such a situation, but I bet it's tough especially when your child is involved. Keep your head up.

I wanted to say thanks for commenting in my journal though. Not many people to talk to in my life right now besides work since I finished college and everyone I know is far away. I should get a dog or something that resembles a wife (or not LOL). I look forward those comments.

Tomorrow is my programming day and I get to delve into more OpenGL. Hopefully I will be able to finish the TicTacToe game. My mind is wandering these days because I almost skipped that idea and went for a version of Duck Hunt starring the vice president.

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It's always a bad situation for trying to see your kids, but the ultimate affect is on the child. I wish you luck with your struggle. Power to the Pops!

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