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New demo...

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Here is the new demo.

I whipped up a simple title screen and now the levels can transition between each other. This is a very, very simple version of how the game will flow together, and will have alot more features in the finished version.

Anyways, it's really just to show off level 2.

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Um, it's not working...

This application failed to start because MSVCR71.dll was not found

EDIT: tried it on different computer, still same error

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I can't even see stompy's bullets. The whole yellow on light grey thing doesn't work. Other than that it was OK. I thought Level 1 was a little long and the bosses where way to hard. Good luck finishing it.

Edit: Oh yeah and you have to make the game pause when the window is inactive. Anything else is a crime.

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Stompy's Revenge is a vast improvement over the original Stompy. [smile]

I have one question though. I have noticed this on all of your games: the frame rate is always unusually low (enough to make motion noticeably jerky.) I'm curious if this is because you have a low cap of the FPS, or due to something else.

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It worked for me.

The second level is a lot better than the first; the additional platforming helps, I think.

The second boss is very well done.

When those spaceships start to fire off some heat-seeking missiles, things are gonna get pretty interesting. ;)

Edit - BTW, I thought this was very unfair; the space ship just was a cruel joke atop the other enemies!


And from the are you kidding me department...


I need that rocket launcher.


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Awesome. The new bullet pictures with the little blue gradient look really sharp.

The second boss is a lot of fun, but a little tough for Level 2 - Stompy's movement controls just aren't responsive enough to be able to dodge most of the jumping attacks. And having a battleship fly over during the boss fight was just evil... but cool.

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