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    Free pizza is the best kind of pizza.

Righto. I'm bored of talking about GUIcrap so I'm going to recount what happened last night (no, I didn't get quite drunk).

So my friend invited me to an IRO (International Relations Party) and since they had booze, I decided HElLZ YEAH. It was going to be cool, because we were going to be taking a couple of girls each with us.

So we're all walking down to the party. About 200m away from our dorm the girls decide that "omg its too cold outside :( :(" so they head back. Damn. I turn to my friend and tell him that if he wants to go back too I won't tell anyone (but give me the invitation). He's an ROTC guy, so he was able to handle the cold (it was like 10'F with windchill, and I was wearing shorts.) We jogged about 3/4 mile down to the place. And it was packed.

IRO's signature drink is the "Monster", which is essentially jungle juice - vodka, gin, sprite and fruit punch. The guy who mixed it said there were about 3 shots in 16-20oz of liquid. I'm not sure the drinks were that strong, because I downed about 5 of 'em and didn't manage to get drunk :(

So we get there and I find myself a nice little spot between the alcohol (so I could constantly drink) and the beer pong table and stay there for pretty much the whole night.

Anyway, I should mention that my friend is a lightweight. Like, this was his 3rd time drinking... about a half-hour into the night he had finished his second Monster (totalling about 6 shots) and was drunk. lolpwnt.

So we stayed for another hour or so, during which my ass was grabbed and my hair was played with, but I didn't really care that much because 1) the girls doing it weren't hot and 2) I wasn't really in the mood anyway. Bleh.

Eventually my friend ended up on the floor in the hallway. The guys at IRO are really nice - they drove him and the girls that were hanging off him home. I walked back and got there a couple minutes after they did - yay for pedestrian shortcuts.

This was his first time going through mild alcohol poisoning, but I stayed with him throughout the night keeping him comfortable.

I honestly expected him to wake up the next morning and never drink again. I awoke to find him gone; when he came back to the dorm he said he was "feeling great" and had a good time last night (despite going through hell). Which is good, I guess. But I'm sure next time he'll remember not to drink as much ;)
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