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Borked PSU Joy

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Well, I got up this morning and found my PSU had died during the night, which was a bit inconsiderate of it. I don't know what happened; it was working at 4:30am, but not this morning. No "pop", no smoke, nothing. And I even run everything through a surge protector that was fine.
So I was going to just go and get a new PSU, and then I discovered that the PSU is a fancy special type that only works with this case. Awesome. So I've just finished reinstalling everything into a new case, with a new PSU. And Silicon Group (Where I got the case from) won't answer their godamn phone, so I couldn't find out of there's any way of them taking just the PSU back (It's only 4 months old). So, I'm going to go and try to take it back tomorrow, since their returns place is closed on a Sunday. I'm expecting to have to rant and rave a bit, since Silicon are a nightmare for returns.

I also got around to testing my dad's SATA drive in my machine. Now at the BIOS it detects all the drives, then pauses for about 30 seconds, which is a bit odd. But at least the drive works in Windows. The reason I need to do this is that my dad's PC seems to be working again since I changed the hard drive over. But I didn't have a spare SATA drive, so I had to give him an IDE. That means that the problem was either the drive, or the SATA controller on the motherboard. So I'll just wait and see if I get any exciting BSODs.

I started work on a user interface for Fudge Packer (My .pak file creator). I also discovered taht VC2005 express doesn't let you do any resource editing, so I had to use VNC to do some resource creation in VC2003 on my laptop, and then copy the files across. Which is a bit of a pain. Anyway, it's going to look very like Winzip/Winrar, and it'll have a command line version too, just for fun. Then I want to have a look at making a self-extracting file. That would be sexual.

In other news, TA was down yesterday (See Pouya's journal). I got so bored at one point that I even ventured into #gamedev. Then got kicked for saying "penis". Now I remember why I prefer TA...
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Then I want to have a look at making a self-extracting file. That would be sexual.


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