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Maybe it would've been better if you didn't know.

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I was supposed to use the rest of today to work on gameplay and some design specifications. But I got distracted by the look of that red bike. So I played around with the image, re-arranging the parts here and there, to find out why I chose this to represent my main sprite.

So here is how the past hours of the day went for me:

I wouldn't want to ride it. So why do I like it?

Maybe if it didn't need wheels, and perhaps add a canopy?

Hey, maybe if I was going for the Darius look I'd work with this. Lets change and add a few things. It needs a place to put thrusters.

Now that's cool. Nobody can tell at low-res. But how will I get it to roll on it side when Its going up or down?

Very cool. Maybe I should've just kept all this a dirty secret?

Now what was it I was supposed to be doing before this?
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Might I suggest some side "wings" to allow gunmounts? Because I see no armaments as it is [sad]

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I'll add some guns on it later. I haven't fully decided what weapons it will have yet [embarrass]. I was thinking that I can make the front lights into some kind of optic laser cannon and the back array lights into EMF torrents. But yeah, its just not a shoot'em up without guns.

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I use The Gimp mainly. The image was then imported into Blender to help create and render the low polygon model it was mapped onto. The frames were then imported back into The Gimp to create the animated gif.

But somehow the super-nova star cannon got lost in the process. Oh well.

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