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Diet Day 20th

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Thanks graveyard filla, it's great to know that the scatered thoughts I deposit here in a diary form aren't read by me alone.

Monday is coming up around the corner, it will be 3 weeks since I started the diet, and it will mark the end of the detox phase.

I can't wait to expand my diet to fish, tuna, cod, and more dairy products like cheese, even milk (I haven't been drinking cow's milk, just soy milk, but I've been responsible enough to get some calcium supplements, and besides I eat a few carrots, they have a good ammount of calcium too).

My Current Weight today (Fev 20th) is 109 Kilos, which caught me a bit by surprise. This means that in 20 days I've lost 5 Kilos, 11lbs.

If I consider 3 of those 5 kilos that where lost in the first week as my body "cleaning up house", then that leaves me with 2 kilos of true weight loss, which is totally healthy, 2 kilos in 2 weeks.

None the less I need to monitor my weight loss in the next couple of weeks to certify that my body is currently on a 1Kg/week weight loss zone. I will be expanding my diet, so the increased caloric intake will probably slow down the loss, on the other hand I think my swim times will get better and better, and I think I'll lose more and more fat there than just in the first week.

The day after the first day I went to the swimming pool I did have some aches in my arms, but since then all the days after I go to the pool have been 100% absolutely normal. No aches of any kind.

This means that even though I've been pushing myself really hard, my body is recovering well during the night, and I wake up re-energized.

Soon I'll need to start working on my abbs, bring my stomach "in".

That's it for today. It's 1am, I'm going to prepare a meal with some yogurt, fresh strawberries, some big juicy grapes, and to finish off, I'll chew on some raw coconut I just opened. As desert I'll have some dates, hehehe :D

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hey dude,

Hah, I'm glad to be even a little motivation (if i am)...... hell, as lame as it sounds you motivate me a little..... if you just fell off and stopped posting, who knows what I'd do [grin].....

But seriously.... i'm glad you are paying attention to the calorie thing.... I'm by far no nutrition expert, but I have been reading ALOT lately (I'm currently in -between jobs and just graduated, so I have a lot of free time...) on this stuff..... some people have even recommended me to only do 200 under my maintenence... but I'm going for 500 anyway....

You might want to really look into doing the 40/40/20 thing..... even if you are not lifting, this is a really healthy diet to go by..... you need your protein dude!! especially considering how much cardio you are doing...... You'd have to be stuffing rice, beans, and soy down your throat 24/7 to really get all the protein you need.......

BTW..... not trying to sound like a smart ass or anything... this is what I've been reading and I'm curious about what you think.... maybe you have better ideas that I could use.....

PS - did you take "before" pictures? You should because they serve as motivation...... plus, one day you could look back, and sell them to some stupid supplement company [grin].

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