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Moving along

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Will F


I think i'm done tinkering and am going to hopefully actually start on a game. So i'm going to give up on the 3D framework/engine i've been working on and start using something else. Don't have any regrets, it's been an educational experience. But looking at the amount of work that would be needed to finish it, I realized that i'd rather spend that time doing something more productive.

I've downloaded OGRE and have made my way through the first few tutorials. So far it seems interesting, but it was a pain to create a new project from scratch on OS X - the Mac documentation is a bit lacking. Couple other minor issues, but no show stoppers. I'm also going to take a look at Irrlicht an Crystal Space to decide where I want to spend my time.

In non-gamedev news, I'm planning on going back to university either at the end of the year or sometime next year. It was nice to take some time off, but I really need to get a degree. In the meantime, I desperately need to find a job in the somewhat near future (or else i'm moving back in with my parents for a bit - not something I particularly want to do). I'm thinking about heading down to some temp agencies to see if I can find something that'll bring in a paycheck until I can find something more permanent. If anyone has done any temp work or has any suggestions for job hunting in the San Francisco or San Jose area it would be much appreciated.
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