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I got offered a job at DC Studios [smile]. They want to know my notice period, and then they can draft up a formal offer letter for me. I'm just back from PC World, and they said my notice period is 2 weeks, which is good. I had a horrible feeling it was 4 weeks.
So, I've e-mailed the guy I've been in contact with, and I'll hopefully get a formal offer letter tomorrow, and then I'll be starting around the 13th March. Whee!

I did some more work on my Fudge Packer GUI, it can now accept dropped files, and can actually display the contents of a fudge pack. That's all for now, I got distracted by Battlestar Galactica. My dad got season 1 on DVD, so I've been working my way through that. Not enough episodes IMO.

Anyhoo, here's a screenie of Fudge Packer in its current state:
Fudge Packer
The red, green and blue bits are bitmap images for my Load, Save and Extract buttons. I just can't be bothered trying to make pretty images.
The File menu has the usual stuff in it; Open, Save, Save As, Exit and the like, and has a keyboard accelerator so you can use shortcut keys like a nice GUI app should.

One problem I ran into, is that my pack writer doesn't support the ability to modify a pack file. So I'll have to find a way around that I think. Appending files to a pack won't be a problem, but modifying files and deleting them could be a fairly big problem. Oh well, nothing I can't handle.
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Congrats on the job offer, welcome to the wonderful world of professional games development :-)

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