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Okay, I officially hate my STS (Science, Technology and Society, essentially a technical writing course) class. Why? Well firstly, I hate writing. But I can deal with that.

In a recent assignment I had a diagram to help illustrate my point. The professor took off points because I "didn't cite the illustration".

So I ask her after class about it, that, you know, I drew it. Well omg, apparently I still need to cite myself and that APA has a "self-citation" form somewhere in the useless handbook I had to buy for the course.


Its not in the book.

Oh, and btw, this is Mushu writing this. Because apparently people assume otherwise, in technical writing, at least.

EDIT: Oh, and if there really is a specific self-citation form in the APA I'd really like to know. Because I tend to draw almost all of my diagrams/charts myself and, well, it'd probably be a good thing to know.
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I'm not sure what the APA is (to me, it means Australian Postgraduate Award, but I don't think that's what you mean), but that sounds like malarkey to me. The only times I cite myself in academic publications is when I'm refering to something earlier that's already published. By default anything you don't cite is assumed to have been made by you. There might have been some weird class requirement though that I'm unaware of, however.

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APA is the American Psychological Association system, which is used a lot more widely then it sounds. But yeah, I'm going to have to ask the professor again tommorrow about this, simply because I can't believe there's a method to cite yourself for an illustration you drew...


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APA is about the worst citation system I've ever heard of; my university standardized on it because "it came first in the book" when it came time to make the standards document.

According to my technical writing professor, you do not have to cite your own content; it's assumed to be yours. If I find a copy of the APA style manual I'll be able to back that up.

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