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Bah Humbug!

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Trapper Zoid


February really makes me feel my own mortality. First the undergraduates start pouring into the university reclaiming everything from us postgrads (and always looking younger than the year before). And today I have my birthday, adding another notch to the tally of years. Sigh.

So in honour of me moving one year closer to my eventual demise, I might as well have another pointless journal competition for all you youngsters who peruse this fine web-based publication. The person who can correctly guess what my age is today (only one guess per person, and no APs!) will win a fine picture of an Xbox 360, valued on eBay at over $500!*

1. You must be over 10 years of age and legally alive and human to enter this competition. 2. Employees of Trapper Zoid and other affiliated groups may not enter. 3. Only one entry per person is allowed. 4. Competition will run until either someone wins the prize or I get bored. 5. Anyone who really expects to be getting a real Xbox 360 is disqualified from entering. 6. There is NO rule 6. 7. I reserve the right to modify these rules at a later date if required (or purely at whim). 8. Why are you still reading this? 9. Comments posted to this competition may be used for the purposes of publicity and satire. 10. All rules of the competition fall under the purview of laws of Hyrule, specifically the Sideshows and Gaming Act for Rupees and Other Goods Act of 1145, as cleared by Msrs. Deku, Deku, Deku and Tingle, Barristers and Solicitors at Law. 11. Okay, that's it. Go guess already!
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Nope, but you're in the right ballpark. And here I was thinking that GameDev.Net's insistent suggestions that I should buy "Game Programming for Teens" was some indicator on my perceived age on-line. Guess it's just a comment on my coding ability.

mcguile25 is closest at the moment, for those yet to guess.

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