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Es Increible!

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Sir Sapo


Hey Everyone!

Its time for one of my famously difficult to read journal entries! I haven't been updating it lately because I had to go to the State Championship Swim Meet, which sucked all the programming enthusiasm out of my body. But now I'm back, and I have a huge update for you guys!

The Programming Front
So I haven't been able to get much programming done lately, but when I was able to, I got some good stuff done. Namely, I wrote some new particle effects so that now when stuff explodes, not only do Power Rangers-esque sparks go flying, but large chunk of what can only be described as "debris" go flying as well. i would post a screeny, but I had to draw the debris texture... and it looks like a moldy cheeto, so I'll spare Mark the gasps for air, and leave the screeny for tomorrow.

I also rewrote some of the parsing code for reading in the ship database to include some of the new features we decided to include, like sensor ranges, fighter contingents, point defense, "post-mortem damage", and whatnot.

Speaking of post-mortem damage, thats the name we came up with for the damage that a ship does to other ships in close proximity when it is killed. This allows is to make cool specialty units like suicide ships, fuel tankers, and..... thats all I can think of.

I also wrote the fog of war system, which stops enemy ships that are out of you sensor range from being displayed, and puts a semi-transparent shading texture on top of tiles that are outside the sensor range. Right now the "fog" texture is a big red question mark(who knows what's in there?), as you can see in the screenies below (try not to cry Mark). Also in the screenies below, you can see all of the ships we currently have created, in miniature form (if you scroll down the journal entries far enough, you can find thier big versions). The screens also illustrate the fog of war effect, as an enemy ship is hidden in the top of the screen in the "questionable" areas. See if you can guess where it is.... or not, its your call.

Oh, theres that ship, what a sneaky bastard....

The Artistic Front
Mark has been drawing stuff as usual, and his newest favorite piece of work is this huge asteroid station, called Odessa Station. It's going to be a huge emplacement in the game, and Mark drew up some concept art for it, but it's pretty dark, so you may have to turn up the brightness on your monitors to see it in detail. Anyways, here it is in all of it's majesty!

Concept-y Version

Pretty Version

Well, I'm pretty sure he's done other things as well, but I can't rememeber, but I'm sure he'll remind me tomorrow, so tune in tomorrow to get the update!

In other news........ Yeah, I've got nothing, Peace Out!
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