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PHP as a game programming language?

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I purchased a book on amazon called "PHP Game Programming" because the idea of writing games in PHP intrigued me... and the book was on $3 so I thought I'd give it a try. After finishing the book, I have to say that PHP is particularly poor as a game programming language. But in order to feel that I had not completely wasted my time, I threw together this stupid little Aquarium Game. It's not much, but then again PHP can't really do much.
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I would not disagree. I may spend more time to make it nicer later, but PHP is pretty limited, so I would probably have to add either javascript or Flash to make it something worth playing.

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I've never played KOL, so I'm not sure if it has much in terms of graphics. I didn't like PHP because it is difficult to animate anything. Also, just to rotate or mirror the fish images was a big pain in the arse. I'm sure if I spent a while on it I may figure out ways to get it to do more sophisticated things, but just to get it to do very basic graphics was a pain.

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As I understand it, PHP in game programming is best for text based RPGs with simple graphics.

For anything else, Java applets or Flash would be better.

But for $3? At least it taught some PHP[grin]

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Yeah... I went out and bought a book on flash. But $650 for the pro license is a bit pricy for me. [sad] BTW, I have a book on PHP I'm selling for $3 to anyone who's interested (+$3.50 S&H).

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