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DC Studios

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Evil Steve


This letter is to confirm that we have offered you employment as a Junior Programmer based in our Edinburgh office.


So, I printed, signed, scanned and e-mailed the document back to them, and I've handed in my notice at PC World. My manager suggested that I work one day at the weekends at PC World, which would give me an extra GBP200 / month or so, but I don't know if working 6 days a week really appeals. I'll have a think about it anyway.

Right, now it's time for me to start boozing. I have friends comming over, then we're going out for a friends birthday. And I have work tomorrow. Balls.
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well, do you really need the extra cash?
working 6 days a week would be a killer and leave you with little spare time.. personally, unless I really, really needed it I wouldnt bother, take the weekend to relax, do your own stuff, get drunk, whatever [grin]

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Woot! Congrats! While the extra cash is nice, just remember that when you start game programming your hours may be all over the place, especially when crunch time hits. So don't burn yourself out too soon. Leave that for when you hit EA as a team lead! :)

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I'm with phantom - don't work your weekends at PCW. Maybe your "mid week" job will be different from elsewhere in the industry, but you could easily end up working hardcore hours anyway - to the extent that any time off will be much needed [grin]


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There's also the conflict of interest and moonlighting issues. If your new company finds out you are still working at PC World I doubt they will be very pleased. Also, what are you going to say when your team say "Let's go out this Friday" and you have to think "I've got to get up early tomorrow to go to work". Leave the world of PCs behind :-)

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I'm a certified School of Hard Knocks expert on overwork [wink] Don't do it. You'll want the free downtime every weekend far more often than you'll want the extra money.

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Well, I had a think about it (Actually, I went out and got wasted, but still...). My initial salary would only be £12k, so an extra £200 a month would be an extra 20%, which is a fair bit. I'm aware that I'll be expected to work extra hours ("DC Studios does not operate overtime remuneration.", which is what I expected, and I know that you're expected to put in extra hours wherever possible), and if I'm working a day at the weekend, that limits when I can actually work.
I'm going to say that I'm just going to leave, and not go for the offer of working one day or so at the weekends. The extra money is tempting, but it limits my flexability, and would mean me working a total of 46 hours a week (Not taking into consideration "crunch time", etc).
That, and they might not like me "moonlighting" as ukdm said. If I was to continue working at PC World, I'd check that it was ok with DC Studios first. But if I was them, I'd reply with "Yes, but we come first", or words to that effect.

So anyway; no to PC World, yes to DC Studios.

I'm off to watch a DVD and sober up...

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Congrats dude.

12k seems a little low though, is that only part-time?

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