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1st person?

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I've been seriously contemplating changing the game to be played from the 1st person perspective (when controlling a gangster), I bought some prototype artwork off the 'net yesterday, and threw it in-game.

I could use some advice, do you guys think the game would be better from a 3rd person point of view, or a 1st person?

As it stands right now, the in-game animations look great, except from 1 angle...behind the person. Also when determining where the player is looking in 3D is somewhat odd now, I take a combination of the actor's 3D orientation, and the camera's 3D orientation...it doesn't seem to work out 100% right....a 1st person view would fix all of that.

I don't know...I'm starting to have doubts about converting the game to 1st person though. If I stick with the 3rd person view, I'll need to at least get some new run/walk animations done that look great from behind the character.

If I go through with this conversion I'd have to contract an artist to make 20+ high quality gun models, and I'd probably have to animate them myself...or pay somebody to do it better than I could. One other option would be to contact authors of "skins" made for other games like Counter-strike, and see if I could use their 3rd party skins/models in my game....that would be the easiest option, there are CS skins for EVERY gun under the sun.

At this point I'm leaning towards sticking with the 3rd person viewpoint. Here are some prototype/early images of what the 1st person view looks like...

I bought a hand model and combined it with a high quality gun model...

How it looks in-game...

I changed the hand color:

My attempt and digitizing my hands in 3d....I gave up and just bought a hand model online :-) I was about 70% there though [grin]

A lower quality MP5 model...If I'm going to do this, all the gun models would need to be the highest quality, like that Glock.

EARLY composite image of what the guns might look like...this is what inspired me to investigate further...

- Dan
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I don't know about this, actually. Putting it in FPS-view would crentainly make a lot of people happy, or at least the ones that enjoys shooting stuff. I would probably prefer it in Third-person. It would be an easier switch between driving and walking, for example. I really didn't expect this question ;) Do what you believe is best - and fits your budget.

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My personal opinion is to stick with the 3rd person view. I know it's very GTA but GTA did it for a reason and it allows for a lot more gameplay in the setting you have. Going down the FPS route now would probably introduce a number of new problems you would have to overcome.

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I'd stick with the 3rd person view, but the first person view is gorgeous. It really emphasizes the high level of detail.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


it would be verry cool to run around in the city with an first person view and you would make many people happy.

But then you get all new problems.

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I think I like it better in 3rd person. For me it provides a better scope of the environment and everything that's going on around the player.

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I'm going to go with the most obvious and most difficult answer...

Both. Allow the user to choose... zoom in by rolling the mousewheel and switch to first person when close enough or something... though this would still require the fixed you have mentioned above, but would also include doing quite a bit of work to make sure everything works in both modes.

I dunno, I like them both, so I can't decide which is why I say both.

I'm raiting my post at 0/10 in helpfulness.

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I agree with you guys, I'm going to stick with the 3rd person point of view.

It's funny because I originally designed this game engine to be a 1st person game called 'Agent 51' where you're a ex-special forces guy out to bring down a ring of mobsters *yawn*. That was about 2 years ago.

The only real problems that would come up converting the game to 1st person would be the gun art...and I wouldn't be able to fix them myself, I'd have to get an artist to rig/animate/texture/model every single gun in the game, which would limit the amount of content I could include.

Right now it's all self contained, as I have enough skill to create low poly versions of any weapon I want to add into the game...so I could add 15 guns into the game in a single sitting. That wouldn't be possible if I made the conversion to 1st person.

Laz - Mixing the two? Lol, that would be a little too ambitious, but very cool.

Either way thanks a lot for the feedback guys, looks like I'm gonna stick with the 3rd person, and just get some new walk/run/use animations done later down the road.

- Dan

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Pity. I espect a "doom" picture with a gun in the middle, like on a picture Waaaaaaayyyy back in this journal :D

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