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Hip to be Square

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Still working on my 3ds loader. I know, I know.. "Nick, too slow man, way too slow..." Hey man, it's cool, I mean, yeah, I go slow, but slow is good, and it is good to be slow. I love lamp.

There's just something about getting an email from Ma. Fatima that makes me a non-believer. Maybe I'm biased. Oh well.
Hi there,

I just came across this new program which involves no selling at all. You don't have to attend any meetings and there are no pressures whatsoever.
It's a very simple program with easy to follow steps which are designed to help anyone, newbies or experts alike, create a steady stream of income for home. Head over here to get more info.


You can use the system to help you build your existing business and/or add it to your business portfolio.

Happy regards.

Ma. Fatima

If not interested with our proposal don't hesitate to email us with the subject "remove me" so we can remove you from our mailing list...

Yeah, Ma. Fatima... whatever you say. By the way, green jelly beans give you magical powers to sell real estate.

Anyway, I've got a case-based reasoning tutorial in mind since all my other tutorials got wiped. Give me a chance to get inspired.

I used a poor sampling rate, but here is my future prediction of gaming fun levels.
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Hey Nick, I keep seeing you say your past tutorials got wipped? You do know that you can browse previous months to the right underneath the navigation in archives,right? I took a quick look, and your tutorials still seem to be there.

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