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I'm Back!

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Greetings Everyone =)

So, my vacation has come to an end (which I spent working on Project 2, no big suprise eh?) sorry for the lack of updates
but I've been busy, and besides abscense makes the heart grow fonder, right? =D

Okay, so first and foremost, screen shot =)

to answer some common questions:

- no you dont play this zoomed out, it's just for show at the moment
- the water is animated and tends to look repeitive when freeze-framed
- some of the graphics are still test art

Starting to get into the deeper concepts of how the game is going to look and work, everything is on scheduel, and you can see above, the things i've knocked off my list =)

In other news, Dave and I decided that since he was having a bit of trouble with time and other aspects of the development process it would probably be better if he instead concentraited on college; developing an indie game of this magnitude is very time consuming and requires the utmost dedication, and he was good enough to let me know that he wasn't sure if he could give that dedication.

So, I'll be working on the engine and the story until the June deadline, during that time I'll have the feelers out for anyone who is potentially interested in being my partner in this endevour.

Till then =)
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Starting to come together! But are you going to have different trees? I mean, the tree is fine but they all lean towards the same direction. I know that plants grow towards the sun but trees in an open plain like that wouldnt do that really. Maybe just do reflection on it? Or move the top part of the tree (the leaves and such) a little on each tree?

Thought that might help, keep it up.

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Looks good, very promising.

How big are the maps/areas going to be in relation to the map in that screenshot?

Are you going to allow zooming in/out during gameplay? Maybe you could do some kind of fog to prevent having to draw a million things that aren't near the player?

Cool lookin' screenshot though.

- Dan

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I was initially skeptical about you blending the 3D heightmap and the 2D sprites, but it looks like you handled it pretty well. Awesome screen.

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Looks like it's starting to come together [smile]

One minor thing though - I opened your journal, saw the screenshot, and my immediate thought is "what's casting that shadow". That darker area of sand really threw me for a few seconds - the part that gave it away that it wasn't a shadow was the fact that nothing else is casting them. Early days I know - but could be worth tweaking the appearance of that darker (path?) area??

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the comments everyone =)

much appreciated, definetly some good suggestions =D

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