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2D Hardware Accelerated Goodness

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Rob Loach


Considering we're in the middle of exams, I'm suprised the amount of progress I've made. Gsl really has some potential. Some of the new features since last update:

It appears that GakScript isn't Mono compliant. As a result, I've switched over to using Boo exclusively. I'm planning on having everything in Gsl run through script files to increase flexability and allow for easy expansion of the games.

FMOD Ex has been implemented for sound and music support. It is probably the best audio library as it is cross platform and loads a huge list of audio formats. Gsl still has a couple bugs with disposing sound channels, but I'm working on that one.

Tiled Sprites:
Before all sprites having more then one frame of animation had to be held on multiple textures. Tilesets are now implemented into Gsl so you can have one image containing a number of different frames of animation. This will really come in handy when implementing the mapping system.

This is still at early stages, but I'm trying to have Tile Studio output a Boo script file so that tiled maps are easy to make and load into the engine. Right now it works with static maps, but I'd like to have sequences and all that good stuff. A big thanks goes to Scet and his journal for motivating me to use Tile Studio.

File Loading:
Tao.PhysFs has been implemented for PhysFS file loading support. This means loading any needed file from a dynamic file structure with zip loading support. So far images, audio files, scripts and map files are all loaded through PhysFS and I plan to keep it as dynamic as possible.

Future Plans:
I'm considering redesigning the Sprite system so that there is a TileSet object for any Texture needing it. This will greatly take work load off of the Sprite and Tile objects and probably help me down the road with the mapping system. I also need a font rendering system and some kind of GUI interface. Anyone got any recommendations?

Random Interest

Urban Dead
- Zombie Goodness
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Are you planning on making GAKScript Mono compliant? I'm using your GAKScript on my servers to provide a more flexible environment.

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Thanks for the interest in GakScript. It's good to know that it's being used.

Making GakScript Mono compatible would mean breaking the default languages (C# and VB.NET) from the assemlby itself and turning them into language plugins. The only language plugin that would work with Mono would be Boo, sadly. If Mono-compatibility becomes a high demand, I'd gladly do it.

What are your thoughts on it?

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Yay journal plugs! [inlove]

Good luck with your Boo loader. I got tired of the whole "convert to code" thing and made my own binary format. I've never used Boo though so I have no idea how that would work, I just know using C style headers is a real pain in the ass.

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