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Journal Hopping

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Well, I sure have not thrown down in the journal for quite some time.

So, Raymond and I basically sat down, via Instant Messenger, and came up to a conclusion that my inexperience in the development world was not really helping the project move forward. Not only that, but the biggest issue fell into the spontaneity of college, pursuing two degrees and having a girlfriend, really does not allot a tremendous amount of time dedication that a hardcore indie needed for a partner. Not to mention, It is only going to get worse.

It definitely did not come unexpected and I think it will work out just fine in the long run. Raymond has proven track record and with the same dedication, he will prevail once again.

Goodluck Raymond.

As for me and my direction.

I really have no idea. Through all of my class projects and girlfriend, I have not given it (game development) entirely too much thought.

Another part of my sits and wonders if Game Development is the absolute right path for me. Hell. I spent a good portion of my life leading people and running, technically, my own warehouse, being in control of millions of dollars. Even today I find myself thinking of business opportunities. I love computers so there is no way I will drop my CS degree, but for the meantime, I have a detailed course layout merging a business management/entrepreneur emphasis degree into my track to get an insight into business. Programming will definitely stay my hobby though. Just not as hardcore as some of you motivators out there are.

So, we will see. I will definitely keep a public journal around, just because I enjoy looking back from time to time.

Take Care,
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Eh, you might as well write tiny little games that amuse you. They don't all have to be enormous commercial-grade projects.

I write a bunch of little games in Pygame to prototype things out; they're never meant to be serious but sometimes they're pretty fun to play with. Give it a try.

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From my impression of most people wanting to get into the game industry, people with both business and technical skills and are like diamonds. Maybe you could aim for a management role?

Best of luck with your studies! I only wish I had a better business sense!

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