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Level 3

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I tried to make a screenshot that summed up what I've been doing on the game since I released the demo.

Level 3 is based off the Blocky Man levels, which in turn, is based off of Mario. However don't expect to be fighting the Anti-Blocky(unless ofcourse, that's what you want). I drew the tiles with my new tablet, and I think they look really good. Maybe my standards are just too low[grin]

Also shown on this screenshot is a life counter. There is now a finite amount of lives in the game. Once you run out, you have to start from the beginning of that level, rather than where you died.

Tomorrow I plan to add some mini powerups to the game that you'll be able to pick up in addition to weapons. These powerups include a jetpack which allows Stompy to jump higher, and sneakers which allow Stompy to run faster.
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It's looking good.

Have you considered making the bullets a separate entity from players/enemies?

I'm looking forward to the powerups; that evil red robot needs to fight someone his own, well, speed I guess. ;)

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Technically bullets are their own object. They're just stored inside the enemy objects.

"Stompy's wide world of programmer art" should be hitting book stores March 1st.

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